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Full service criticality analysis for your facilities and organization, working with your asset management programs.
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The Criticality Analyzer™ linewrap

An innovative and sophisticated priority ranking software tool, designed specifically for maximizing decision support, guiding criticality assessment and analysis based on company values and priorities.

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What is Criticality Analysis? linewrap

In its simplest form it is a means to measure how important something is related to your company values and the overall mission or goal.  It depends on what you really value: up-time, safety, cost of operation, capital spend, commercial, regulatory, etc. and its impact on the mission.

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Why Choose Uberlytics Criticality Analysis?

Our network system approach starts with the big picture and traces the critical network relationships to identify the most crucial component systems.  From there we can drill down efficiently to the asset level,  and deliver more meaningful results.
We include everything in a criticality analysis, from the smallest fan to berm heights to bulldozers. Inclusion of 100 percent of systems and assets ensures identification of previously unrecognized critical assets. You’ll be surprised by what we discover.
Our criticality analysis is driven by your most important factors, not an arbitrary one-size-fits-most-systems list. Your final analysis is truly reflective of your operational constraints, with real mitigation items for your organization.
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