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Criticality Analyzer™

The Uberlytics Criticality Analyzer™ is an innovative and sophisticated priority ranking software tool, designed specifically to support an FSCA™ and to identify critical parts of your systems or processes. This tool is ideal for any complex facility or distributed asset application.


As an innovative priority ranking software tool it manages complex and multiple parameters, combining them into an overall ranking picture.




It has the unique ability to capture any and all risk factors and variables specific to your facility. Your particular contractual, commercial, and regulatory factors can be included with typical safety, environmental, up time, and cost to maintain constraints.

Efficient and Functional

The software integrates smoothly with an overall physical asset management program and simplifies the challenge of performing criticality analysis. You can move quickly from analysis to action, prioritizing work orders, capital spend, and risk-mitigating strategies based on the revealed risk ranking of each system.

Easy to Understand

The Criticality Analyzer™ provides comprehensive and customized reports that are easy to understand, allowing you to quickly identify the most critical systems posing the greatest potential risk for your facility.


It uses an extensively field-tested and proven process that results in highly accurate relative rankings of systems and assets.

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